Who we are?

A conscious production house. A production house that brings together directors and filmmakers in its team to create a collaborative and creative path. We are a producer that believes that creativity should not have barriers, so here there are no "can not" or "we do not reach." In addition to being the production house that offers an excellent service we also produce real actions that encourage respect for the earth making visible cultures, experiences and problems of Latin America.

Filmación ruta films


Nobody shouted “action” for the sun to rise,
or for the jungle to speak,
nor to give entrance to the rain or a waterfall,
nobody shouted “action” so that impossible landscapes were formed
or hundreds of cultures full of knowledge
no, nobody shouted “action” ...
Latin America was made without a director, without a producer
and without a drop of post
for many a continent,
for other 20 countries,
for us, the most important production we have,
the one that didn't need lights or cameras
and keep us in love with her every day ...
that's why we decided to do two things with this land,
take care of her as we continue traveling
and before we shout "action"
we let guide ourselves by her.

Our mission

Connect the world with Latin America to create audiovisual pieces that impact and carry out actions that generate love for our territory.

Neither big nor small,

a conscious production house